10. Aug, 2019

Most exchanges are often done by routine or purely based on simple calculation. A fair exchange is no robbery they say, but chess is much more complicated than that and every trade tends to change the character of the position, especially the trade of queens.

In this position White has moved his queen to g6 seeking the exchange.

* Should Black accept ?

Play  the game
- click on White's 19th move for the position

This is an annotated game from the 2016 Australian Schools Team Championship - Primary Open

8. Aug, 2019

Find the best move for White




ChessWorld - new video '10 Surprising Facts about Kenya'

7. Aug, 2019

Board vision is important because executing a tactic or plotting a strategy depends on correct assessment of piece position. 

Study this position from a World Youth Chess Championship game (Open 14 yrs)

Black has captured a pawn on c2 and now pins the bishop to the king.
White now moves king to g1 breaking the pin.
What decisive move will Black play next ?

Play  the game
- click on Black's 24th move for the position

Video - brilliant miniature World Rapid Championship 2017

5. Aug, 2019

... in this African country

In this game Black's rooks rule the open files   Play

GM Garry Kasparov, former World Chess Champion and inspiration to many is on a mission to promote Chess activities in Kenya and across Africa, specifically Chess in Schools through the Kasparov Chess Foundation.


3. Aug, 2019

A position from the Tokyo Championships 2019

Black to move - which move should he make ?

Play  the game
-click on White's 74th move for the position

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