5. Jun, 2019

Find the best move for Black



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Cool Video   blitz & knight forks (5:34 min)

2. Jun, 2019

White moved his queen from e5 to c3

Black replied with rook to e6

Whistle  But what did Black miss ?

Play  this game by Peter Svidler as a junior (age 13)


Thumbs up  Video   an entertaining game narrated by Peter Svidler

31. May, 2019

Black checkmates in 4

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28. May, 2019

Pawns advancing in a connected chain can be very challenging for an opposing player to deal with. 

In this position, however, White has his queen - but is it enough ?

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- click on Black's 46th move for the diagram position

25. May, 2019

White has just played 33 Rxf6 capturing a pawn

Black has a double attack on the bishop on d7

Whistle  What should he play next ?

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Thumbs up  Miniature game - Black's queen sacrifice

Cool  Video  - blitz chess banter