1. Dec, 2019

Very few sacrifices in chess are on the scale highlighted in the video below.

Clearance sacrifices aim to remove obstacles that stand in the way of an attacking piece. If this type of sacrifice is refused, there could be consequences for the defending side.

In the diagram position Black is to play.

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😲 Video - White sacrifices all his pieces (7:47 min)

30. Nov, 2019

Following on from tip #2 - Black has moved knight from e7 to d5

🤔 What should White do ?

Video - 'the 4 most common mistakes' analyses this position

👍 Chess book - Is Your Move Safe ?
- lots of examples worth exploring

29. Nov, 2019

Black (to play) is still competitive but makes a game-ending blunder

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* Some tips to avoid embarassing blunders:

The single most effective way for reducing the number of blunders in your games is double checking the moves. It may sound obvious, but surprisingly many players do not do that.
The second tip for avoiding blunders is asking “why” that move was played in a first place. Unless you are playing a complete beginner all his/her moves have purpose, a little idea the move is meant to accomplish. Your goal as a chess player is to figure out that idea.

Source: thechessworld.com

27. Nov, 2019

Magnus Carlsen is not only successful because of his tremendous tactics calculating ability, middle game understanding and photographic memory. A big part of his success is due to superior understanding of endgame positions, something not very common to the younger generation of chess players. Often, even in dead equal positions Carlsen is able to squeeze out the win.

In this position Carlsen (Black) plays ...fxg4 leaving his knight unprotected & able to be captured by White's king. Why ?
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🙂 Video - Magnus Carlsen's endgames 2017 (23:06 min)

* Chess books:  Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen

🤔 Endgame exercise:    Position        Play

25. Nov, 2019

How does White finish the game quickly ?

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😎 Video - 'Escape Hatch' endgame puzzle (1:32 min)

* Another interesting endgame with rooks & pawns
- click on Black's 49th move & play on