20. Mar, 2020

When analysing a position look at all forcing moves – checks, captures and attacks on pieces.

🤔 Which forcing move does White play in this position ?   

          Position      Play the game

😲 Video - another chess swindle (5:26 min)

👍 Take 3:    Positions      Play the games

18. Mar, 2020

Black has just moved pawn to c5 challenging the centre. But White can take advantage of a weakness in Black’s position.

🤔How ?   Play the game

* Who was this ? 
'a chess prodigy, he is considered by many one of the greatest players of all time, widely renowned for his exceptional endgame skill and speed of play'  Read

😲 Video - 5 combinations from his games (4:13 min) 
          - test yourself by pausing at the start of each

16. Mar, 2020

... has been playing chess since the age of five years and eight months, following his father's purchase of a second-hand chess set at a jumble sale. In August 1999, Howell (aged 9) became famous internationally when he broke the world record for the youngest player to have defeated a Grandmaster in an official blitz game.

🤔 White to move. What move did David make ?

          Play  this game (10 yrs old)

🙂 Video - David using the interference tactic (3:24 min)

14. Mar, 2020

In this position White (to move) has two connected passed pawns. Black's rook & bishop are the key defenders.

🤔 What plan should White follow ?     Play the game

      * Now an endgame position to tackle

👍 Video - Interference tactic (9:51 min)

12. Mar, 2020

I remember trying desperately to keep my emotions in check, feeling like I was going to explode while my opponent’s hand hovered over the c-pawn, and just not believing it was possible...
* David Smerdon - Australian grandmaster (playing U12)

White's game looks hopeless with Black to move.

🤔 Why was ... c3 disastrous for Black ?   Play 

😲 Video - One of the greatest swindles in chess (5:47 min)

👍 Tactics - list of 56 tactics with diagrams (ChessFox)