29. Nov, 2018

Magnus Carlsen v Fabiano Caruana - London, UK

Norway's Magnus Carlsen won the world chess title for a fourth time after beating US rival Fabiano Caruana in three tie-breakers, after the pair had drawn 12 out of 12 classical games through the month.

That tactical impasse forced the duellists into the faster-paced, best-of-four tie-breakers, which saw the Norwegian triumph and pick up a cheque for 550,000 euros ($855,601).

The tie breakers were played with 25 minutes for each player per game, while the 12 previous classical-style games lasted up to seven hours each.

Cool Analysis of the 3 tie-breakers:

Tiebreaker 1          Tiebreaker 2         Tiebreaker 3

Caruana will still collect 450,000 euros for his efforts at The College, a Victorian-era building in London's Holborn. Carlsen has been the world's top-ranked player for the past eight years. This year was the first time the Norwegian had won the championship without losing a single game.


28. Nov, 2018

... for White ?

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23. Nov, 2018

White to move

Black is threatening ...Qb2# checkmate

Whistle  Is there any defence for White ?

I set up this position in Chess.com and played the next 7 moves versus its computer (Level 9)

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20. Nov, 2018

White to play and win

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17. Nov, 2018

My recent visit to the Great Barrier Reef & watching swimmers snorkelling on the reef made me wonder about playing chess underwater.

Wild  Surely not a serious sport ?

But of course if anything is possible...

Diving Chess Championships   includes 2 video clips

10 years ago in Curacao   great Caribbean music