21. Feb, 2020

Decisive moves

Resignations come about usually as the result of a decisive move. Sometimes the opponent will need to calculate moves ahead before realising the position is lost.

In this position White's attack is clearly superior.

😥 What move did White make now to bring about Black's resignation ?

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Toy Story custom-made chess set:
Team Woody: Woody (King), Bo Peep (Queen), Ducky & Bunny (Bishops), Duke & Buttercup (Knights), Hamm & Forky (Rooks), Sarge (Pawns)
Team Buzz: Buzz Lightyear (King), Jessie (Queen), Mr. Pricklepants & Slinky Dog (Bishops), Dolly & Bullseye (Knights), Rex & Trixie (Rooks), Little Green Aliens (Pawns)
Release date: December 20,  2019