27. Nov, 2022

Why did White play Bxe5 ?   Explore

   * Game #1 on the video

24. Nov, 2022

Endgames may look simple in the eyes of an amateur player. Only strong players understand that nothing separates a beginner from an experienced player more than a good endgame technique. Rook endgames are the most common of all, no serious player can do without studying them -
Van Perlo's Endgame Tactics

Diagram position - Black to play and win

         Explore, hint & solution

🙂 Quiz - what kind of chess player are you ?

20. Nov, 2022

Individually, pawns are weaker than the pieces. However, together they create a force that is roughly equal in strength to the queen !

But in order to play the pawns well, you need to understand how they (and particularly pawn-structures) affect the game ... Chessfox - read on

Diagram - how will White's superior pawn structure assist his attack ?

🙂 Video - Immortal Pawns Game (9:51)

18. Nov, 2022

A common endgame mistake occurs when a player starts pushing his pawn quickly towards the promotion square without fully calculating the variations. He has looked at the position briefly and decided that he will promote first and win the game without taking time to fully check the options.

Diagram - Black to play can promote his pawn but is this the best option ?

* 5 more positions to ponder from the Ugandan Championship held in February

😎 some interesting facts about Uganda         map


16. Nov, 2022

I once read a story about the discovery of a strange tribe somewhere in the Amazon basin. An eminent anthropologist recalls that there was some evidence that a space ship from Mars had landed in the area a millenium or two earlier. ‘Good heavens,’ exclaims the narrator, are you suggesting that this tribe are the descendants of Martians?’ ‘Certainly not,’ snaps the learned man, ‘they are the original Earth-people — it is we who are the Martians.’
Reflect that chess is but an imperfect variant of a game that was itself a variant of a germinal game whose origins lie somewhere in the darkness of time...

👍 Chess book - Encyclopedia of Chess Variants (2007)

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