28. Jun, 2022

In this game from The Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Black has just captured a bishop on d4

Bobby Cheng (White) has the option of recapturing or capturing the knight on d7

      Which piece did he go for ?   Play

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Black's counterattack at the end couldn't save the day in this encounter

26. Jun, 2022

Solving chess puzzles can really help improve your chess-playing ability, because they help to create pattern recognition skills that can benefit your overall game.

Obviously, the deeper you can correctly see into a position, the better player you’ll become. As you work through these puzzles, you’ll not only be looking for your best move to solve the problems, but also to give your opponent their best moves in response... Dave Schloss

👍 5 puzzles from the book

If you score well have a go at more


23. Jun, 2022

Fischer announced his variant to the world in 1996. Thus 960 is still relatively new and unknown.  I believe that a lot of people wouldn't like a game in which the pieces start in different positions every time; especially one they've already known which always starts with the pieces in the same positions. Additionally, luck can play a part in the game, which takes away from the purity of intellectual prowess that attracts some to chess - chess.stackexchange.com forum

😎 Video - Chess960 hyperbullet mini-match (3:00)

👍 Play v the computer (a variety of playing levels)

* Official website

21. Jun, 2022

Debby – 20 years in ChessWorld – has competed against players from 95 countries – current rating 1863

🤔 Where does she live ?     * Read her profile

I have selected 5 positions from her checkmate games. Start with the 1st position, predict her move then click Next for the game and so on...

👍 Chess book - It's Your Move (145 pages)

19. Jun, 2022

David Robert Norwood GM (1968-) is an English businessman who runs an investment fund that finances spin-off companies from Oxford University science departments. He is also a chess grandmaster, chess writer, former captain of the English chess team and now represents Andorra (a tiny, independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains) at chess

Diagram - White sacrifices the queen on this move and then hunts down the king while Black's queen stays anchored on e7. An inspiring combination !

🙂 Video - 3 checkmating combinations (3:02)