A miniature is a short game (up to 25 moves). Usually only decisive games (not draws) are considered miniatures. Ideally, a miniature should not be spoiled by an obvious blunder by the losing side. A miniature may also qualify for a brilliancy prize in a tournament.

Miniatures end with clever attacking combinations.

Hungarian Beauty

The Hungarian Defence begins with the moves: 1. e4 e5: 2. Nf3 Nc6: 3. Bc4 Be7

In this game White has just captured Black's second bishop on c5 (Bxc5)

However, Black has opened the h-file for his queen & rook. He has a winning checkmate combination. 

😙  Can you see the combination ?    Solution

Watch the video to see how Black built his attack

Hunting the king

Black played bishop to h4 checking the king (Bh4+)

White moved his king to e3

Black wants to keep the pressure on the white king

😙 Which move does he play next ?   Check your thinking


😎 Video  analysis of the game