Blitz chess

Playing good blitz and rapid is important; every strong player is competitive in these modalities and it is a fun way to develop skills. Although blitz is not recommended as a way to improve your classical chess strength, your blitz skills are usually a sign of your chess strength. 

1. Try to spend a couple of hours a day solving tactics, as many as possible. Do it with a time limit and do not seek for too difficult problems. Instead, focus on hundreds of problems with medium difficulty.

2. Instead of seeking for the best move settle for a quick decision of fewer committal moves. While in a classic game you can calculate and have a deep evaluation of the position, in blitz you need to make this decision in seconds. Be practical, avoid being captivated by the beauty of the game. Play!

3. In blitz, it is extremely important to trust your intuition. Perhaps this is the most difficult one and you can only achieve it by study and practice.

World Blitz Championship 2019 - Men

World Blitz Championship 2019 - Women