54th Begonia Open, Ballarat Victoria 2020

Ballarat is the commercial capital of the Central Highlands and its largest city, as well as a significant tourist destination. It is known for its history, culture and its well-preserved Victorian era heritage.

Sovereign Hill is an open-air museum in Golden Point, a suburb of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Sovereign Hill depicts Ballarat's first ten years after the discovery of gold there in 1851. It was officially opened on 29 November 1970 and has become a nationally acclaimed tourist attraction.

😎 Video - Welcome to Sovereign Hill (7:43 min)

Ballarat Chess Club, in Central Victoria, hosted its 54th “Begonia” Open chess tournament over the long weekend of 7th-9th March, 2020. ‘It's a strange feeling to realise that it is probably the last OTB tournament to be played in Australia for many months to come. With good policy, common sense, and a bit of luck, we will emerge from the Covid-19 crisis in time for the 55th “Begonia” Open same time, same place, in 2021’ - ballaratchess.com

* Take 3 - can you predict the player's next move ?

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