I have been playing on ChessWorld for 8 years as Thylacine 3.
I used to play correspondence chess by post & email but now enjoy the interactive environment of online chess where you can chat with your opponent.

You can elect to play as many games as you want and you can choose to play individual games, rated or unrated, or you can join Tournaments or Teams, whichever is your preference. Whichever style you choose, you can select a time limit, from 1 to 15 days per move.

There are a variety of tournaments to choose from - knockout, all-play-all, pyramid. 
ChessWorld Members frequently join one, or more, of the popular four player All-Play-All Tournaments so that they have a reasonable number of concurrent games at any one time.

All members are given a rating of 1400 when they join ChessWorld. This will vary, in either direction, depending upon the results of any rated games that are played. The ChessWorld  rating system is based upon internationally recognised standards and may be regarded as a reliable measure of your performance whilst playing games on ChessWorld.  

Players from over 100 countries participate on ChessWorld. Many players use the chat facility to learn more about their opponents and where they live.

👍 All-play-all tournament (12 games) - completed 28 April 2021

         Felfelton (USA) 3.5, Thylacine3 (Australia) 3.5
         chessking1ok (England) 3, Benrubs (Philippines) 2

 👍 All-play-all tournament #2 - completed 10 Sept 2019

         snow leopard (USA) 4, Thylacine3 (Australia) 4,
         draig_goch (Wales) 3, Motz Markus (Austria) 1

👍 All-play-all tournament #3 - completed 4 June 2021

         Thylacine 3 (Australia) 4.5, Chejov (Guatemala) 3.5
         bnolan (USA) 3, DouglasHSwanson (Canada) 1

👍 All-play-all tournament #4 - completed 31 July 2019

        Thylacine 3 (Australia) 5.5, ddraig_goch (Wales) 3
         tburke (USA) 2.5, Wagz1 (UK) 1

👍 All-play-all tournament #5 - completed 20 August 2021

       Thylacine3 (Australia) 5, hogmaster (UK) 3.5
       Norfolk Blue (England) 2.5, dinoitaly (Italy) 1

👍 All-play-all tournament #6 - completed 13 September 2021

       Thylacine3 (Australia) 4.5; Hacko_11 (Bulgaria) 4.5
       dinoitaly (Italy) 3; intersweat (UK) 0

       * note - intersweat timed out in all games