It's better to study endgames first (beside tactics) because:
- you learn the effectiveness and coordination of your pieces
- you learn to calculate
- you learn how important your pawns are and how to handle them
- you can often score in games when your opponent is ahead if you have better endgame knowledge
- you learn how to play the middlegame in relation to specific endgame situations (where to put your pieces, which pieces to exchange)
- you don't have to look for a winning combination the whole time and don't have to force the win (it often will end badly) because you can easily lead over to the endgame, simplify the position etc.


Some endgame positions

Kevin from takes us through some different types of endgames which occur in matchplay

Video 1     King & queen v king

Video 2     Minor pieces

Video 3     Playing for a draw

Video 4     King & rook v king