On the Art of Checkmate

Nothing is more annoying for a player, after he has racked his brains over a position and then selected and made what he thought to be the best move, than to hear an observer's voice exclaim: “Everyone to their own taste … but in your place I would have preferred to announce mate in two moves.”

And he is astonished to discover that there really was a mate in two moves and that his premature exchange of pieces has destroyed the opportunity for ever. He curses himself for not having seen it.

There is nothing better for the competitive chess player than to checkmate their opponent.

The following games are taken from completed games on ChessWorld.net which have ended in checkmate.  There are games with opportunities taken & opportunities missed.

I hope you enjoy playing through these games as much as I have.

Checkmate 1   A bishop sacrifice exposes the king

Checkmate 2   A nice mating net by Black     

Checkmate 3   And pawns can give mate

Checkmate 4   Black fails to defend his king's position

Checkmate 5   Black's advanced pawn & use of open lines applies pressure

Checkmate 6   Two knights & a pawn deliver checkmate

Checkmate 7   Black's fatal knight move at the end