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* Thylacine 3 game (annotated) - uploaded August 24

Zahni v Thylacine3 - 24 moves




Country - Iran

Population – 81.1 million (2017)

Iran is a Middle-Eastern country also known as the Islamic Republic of Iran and has a theocratic government, in which most policies are based on Islamic religious ideologies.

Iran’s capital and largest city, Tehran, has some of the worst air pollution in the world. An estimated 27 people die a day from air pollution-related diseases

Girls and boys are educated separately until the university level. In addition, girls typically have only female teachers, and boys typically have only male teachers.

Since Iran has an official religion, Islam, religious study is part of public-school education at all grades.

Backgammon, takhteh nard, “battle on wood”—is an old favorite. Archeologists recently found a 5,000year-old backgammon board in southeastern Iran.

Soccer is the number one sport in Iran. Both girls and boys enjoy playing the game at school, though usually only men may attend professional games.

It is traditional for families to eat meals together on the floor, gathered around dishes of food spread on a kind of tablecloth called a sofreh.

Many children grow up in a home with at least one grandparent. If not, they are likely to have grandparents living close by.

Khoresh, a fragrant stew of meat, fruit or vegetables, nuts, and spices. It is usually served with fluffy white rice.

Did you know ? Iran, which until 1935 was known as Persia, was the site of some of the world’s oldest villages. They were built near the Caspian Sea at least 6,000 years ago.

😎 Video - I stayed with locals in Iran (11:22 min)

😎 Video - Chess in Iran (7:18 min)

Game 1
Black's coordinated attack involving pins proves too strong 

Game 2
White wins the exchanges to advance a pawn to promotion

Game 3
how does Black promote his passed pawn ?

Game 4
White protects an advanced pawn but overlooks Black's reply


Country - Hungary

Population - 9.8 million 

Hungary is landlocked. However, at almost 600 square kilometres, Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe – so big, in fact, that it's often referred to as the Hungarian Sea, and sunseekers have flocked to its shores for decades.

Thanks to an abundance of natural hot springs, Hungary can boast around 450 public spas and bathhouses. A prominent bathing culture has existed since Roman times.

Notable inventions include the Rubik's Cube (by sculptor and professor Erno Rubik, 1974), the krypton electric bulb (by physicist Imre Brody in 1937), and the biro, patented in 1938 by journalist László Bíró.

Hungary has produced 13 Nobel laureates to date - more per capita than the likes of Finland, Spain, Canada and Australia - bagging every category except peace.

Erich Weisz, better known as illusionist Harry Houdini, was born in Budapest in 1874 before earning his fame escaping from handcuffs, strait jackets and a Chinese Water Cell.

Quite possibly the most famous game of water polo in history was the bloody play-off between Hungary and the USSR at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, in which Hungary won 4-0 before the game was called off to avoid a riot.

👍 Video - chess players in the baths (1:08 min)

👍 Video - Hungarian inventions  (6:11 min)

👍 Video - the story of the Rubik's Cube (4:22 min)

Game 1
knowing when to retreat the queen

Game 2
an efficient game by White which ends with a threat Black can't counter

Game 3
a counterattack saves a knight & wins the game

Game 4
White fails to block a key diagonal and pays the price

Country - Greece

Population 11.1 million

98% of the population are ethnic Greeks.

40% of the total population live in Athens. Some of them also work on the islands during summer but many of them remain in Athens.

Children usually stay with their family until they marry, and the grandparents usually live with their children’s family until they die. There are very few retirement homes in the country.

The number of tourists is more than double the number of Greeks during the summer. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The whole country has more than 250 days of sun on average. That’s more than 3000 sunny hours per year.

Greek food is world famous and delicious - such as tzatziki, feta cheese, moussaka, gyros, spanakopita, souvlaki.

Greece has one of the richest varieties of wildlife in Europe - home to 116 species of mammals, 18 species of amphibians, 59 species of reptiles, 240 species of bird, and species 107 of fish.

👍 Video - 25 Don'ts of Visiting Greece (12:19 min)

👍 Video - 11th International Paleochora Chess Tournament (1:58 min)

Game 1
Black's active pieces throttle White's king

Game 2
White wins the exchange on move 30 to set up a winning position

Game 3
White's multiple threats at the end are too much for Black

Game 4
White can promote his pawn & checkmate

Game 5
Black sets up a strong knight outpost on e4


Country - Finland

Population 5.5 million (2017)

When it comes to eccentric past-times, Finland is a gold trophy winner. Strangest of all is the Wife Carrying World Championship. Taking place in Sonkajärvi every July, the extreme obstacle course event has carried over to an international phenomenon, with couples from Denmark, Hong Kong to Australia and beyond travelling to the country to take part. Other esoteric sports that host their annual world championships in Finland include mosquito hunting, mobile phone throwing, swamp football, rubber boot throwing and the Air Guitar World Championship.

Further cementing the nation’s wonderfully off-beat sense of humour, Finland has an annual Day for Failure every October 13th. Started in 2010, the ceremony celebrates bad news and ill-fortune as a way of learning for the future.

Finland is surprisingly pioneering for a small nation of 5 million. Other Finnish-born inventions include the rescue toboggan, the heart-rate monitor, salty liquorice (‘Salmiakki’), the Linux OS, ice skates, Angry Birds, the Molotov cocktail, the SMS and, of course, the sauna, which also happens to be the most used Finnish word outside of the mother country.

🤪 Video - 10 awesome facts about Finland (5:45)       

😎 Video - a fashion statement (0:59)

Game 1
sometimes your opponent can hand you checkmate

Game 2
Black attacks a rook but falls victim to a counterattack

Game 3
smart moves by Black at the end creates a winning position

Game 4
Black is offered a gift and falls for the trap. Beware of bishops on long diagonals !


Country - Egypt

Population - 97.5 million (2017)

The ancient Egyptians invented the 365-days a year calendar, to predict the yearly floodings of the Nile river.

Many people believe the pyramids were being built by slaves, but that’s is not the case. They were paid laborers, and most of them built with great honour towards the Pharaoh and those who died were buried in the tombs near the sacred pyramids.

Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization, the Ancient Egyptians, who date back to around 3150 B.C.

The Ancient Egyptians had so many gods that literally every city had their own favourite deity.

Egypt is home the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The pharoah's game of Senet dates back to 3500BC and is perhaps the oldest boardgame known to man.

The most popular sport is soccer.

Egypt is a very dry country. The Sahara and Libyan Desert make up most of the area of Egypt.

Egypt experiences natural hazards such as droughts, earthquakes, flash floods, landslides, windstorms (called khamsin), dust storms and sandstorms.

Aswan high dam is the world’s largest dam, built to contain the raging waters of the world’s longest river, the Nile.

😎 Video - Travelling 8 Days in Ancient Egypt (5:22 min)

😎 Video - How to play Senet (8:34 min)

Game 1
same material but White controls the board

Game 2
White's rook is trapped on the edge of the board

Game 3
cat & mouse endgame with rook, knight & pawns

Game 4
a miscalculated exchange by White leaves him two pieces down

Game 5
White loses a knight on move 15 to a discovered attack, Black uses his bishops to exert control in the centre of the board


Country - Denmark

Population 5.75 million

Denmark is an archipelago made up of over 100 islands, some of which are not even inhabited.

The Danish monarchy is the oldest continuing monarchy in the world and has existed for over 1,000 years. Princess Mary, the wife of Danish Crown Prince Frederik, originally hails from Tasmania, Australia.

Denmark has more than twice the number of bicycles (4.2 million) than cars (1.8 million). Copenhageners pedal more than 1.13 million km on their bicycles each day.

Denmark is reported to be the happiest country in the world.

Lego began producing its iconic bricks in 1958. For more than 60 years, over 320 billion Lego bricks have been sold worldwide—nearly 60 bricks for every human on the planet.

👍  Video - Legoland (10.08 min)        Video - tour of Copenhagen (3:34 min)

Game 1
Black removes a defender to set up checkmate - a very useful tactic

Game 2
Black plays an inferior move on move 19 and pays the price

Game 3
Black establishes a pawn chain through the centre and builds pressure on the kingside

Game 4
White creates multiple threats


Country - Costa Rica

Population 4.8 million

Central America - bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, the tiny republic of Costa Rica has coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

One of the most prosperous and politically stable countries in the region, Costa Rica is the only Central American state without a permanent standing army, after it was abolished in 1948.

It also enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the region, although a significant percentage of Costa Ricans - or Ticos - continue to live below the poverty line.

Known for its beaches, mountain ranges, volcanoes and varied wildlife, Costa Rica's rich biodiversity makes it a popular destination for eco-tourists. Traditionally a producer of agricultural goods such as coffee and bananas, its economy has diversified and tourism now ranks as the country's number one earner.

There are more than 121 volcanic formations in Costa Rica, and seven of them are active.

Video  (5:14 min)

Game 1
cat and mouse endgame, Black's rook on the 7th rank is decisive

Game 2
checkmate with 2 knights

Game 3
White forks rook & queen but Black has the last laugh

Game 4
White draws out Black's king for a quick checkmate


Country - Brazil

Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country by both population (approximately 210 million) and geographical area, making up 47 per cent of the continent.

Brazilians can pride themselves in sharing their country with a massive number of animals and plants. It’s such a diverse country that researchers estimate it to be the most biodiverse country on the planet.

Rio de Janeiro is surprisingly not the capital. Brasilia has been the capital since 1960. 

The Brazilian football team is the only nation to have won five World Cups. 

Brazilian prisoners can reduce their sentence by 4 days for every book they read and write a report on.

😎 Video (1:14 min)

Game 1
White capitalises on his advanced pawn on h6

Game 2
beware if your queen is in the enemy camp

Game 3
make sure you have an escape route



Country - Albania

The Albanian population dispersal is vast, stretching from its neighbours such as Greece and Turkey to further afield nations such as the US and Canada – so much so that it is believed that the number of Albanians living outside Albania is greater than the country’s population of nearly 3 million.

Albanian buses (called furgons) have no timetable, they depart when they are good and ready – or full.

Albanians nod when they mean “no” and shake their head when they mean “yes”. Be careful answering questions with your head.

Though small, Albania boasts more than 3,250 species of plants, which accounts for 30 per cent of all flora in Europe.

Albania has never won a medal at the Olympics. Its most popular events are weightlifting, shooting and wrestling.

😎  Video - Albania travelog (8:11 min)

Game 1
without pawn protection White's king is defenceless

Game 2
with a pawn majority at the end Black forces a queen exchange

Game 3
a decimated kingside & a pin on Black's rook prove decisive