Play the computer

The website allows you to play against the computer (up to 3 levels).
   You do not need to sign up.  Also, there are no ads on this site.

Play the computer

Click on Play Chess
Choose your Opponent then select Player color & Time control & New game
You will see the chess clocks & notation as you play. Good luck !



Lego Mindstorm robot

Lego Mindstorm chess playing robot 'Charlie'. How strong an opponent is 'he' ?

Frank, astronaut, plays computer HAL

A brief clip from '2001 A Space Odyssey' (Arthur C Clarke) on the spaceship Discovery - mission to Jupiter. The actual game position is from a 1913 tournament game which has a clever ending (see photo of board position below)
HAL is a strategic thinker as Frank & his companion astronaut find out to their detriment !
A great film (1968) made when special effects were done the hard way. The director, Stanley Kubrick, was a capable chess player himself.

Black (HAL) has moved Queen to f3. White (Frank) is considering his move. He resigns as he considers the position as lost. Why ?

'The Turk' comes to life

The Turk was designed by Hungarian engineer and inventor Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1769. It was billed as a "chess playing automaton" capable of beating even the strongest challengers. During a performance, the showman would open two cabinets to display a large empty space, and then a third cabinet to display an area of tightly packed machinery, presumably the "brains" of the contraption. In 1809 during the Wagram campaign Napoleon Bonaparte played against it in Vienna.

Video  'The Turk' is recreated & plays against a grandmaster
(approx 8 min)