365 Chess Master Lessons

Author: Andrew Soltis (2017)

Almost all the main games in this book last 20 moves or less. Most of the games were played by masters, so some will end when a player loses a piece and resigns. Other games may last until checkmate

Of course, there is a lot that this book does not cover. Games of less than 20 moves end much too early to provide meaningful instruction about the endgame. Nor is this the book that will teach you the finer points of openings. Many of the games begin with gambits, some long out of fashion. But they are here because they illustrate important concepts like compensation and initiative and demonstrate the many combinational patterns that you need to know.

And most of these games were chosen because they are entertaining. If you aren’t enjoying chess as you study it, you won’t keep at it. So have a good year !

Database: from Day 135 - May 14