My Daily Exercise

Author: Heinz Brunthaler (2007)

Tactics have the greatest range in the game of chess; they keep occurring in differ­ent phases of the game, from the opening moves to the endgame. However, the middlegame is the centre of gravity where tactics are concerned, and it is there that often the seeds of either victory or defeat are sown - one overlooked knight fork or a discovered check and all your endgame skills will not save you! Tactics are the easiest to learn. You can apply your knowledge immediately and broaden your horizon.

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Test Your Chess Piece Power

Author:  J N Walker (1980)

This book is designed to instruct, examine and entertain.

There are five sections: 'The quick kill ', 'Open files and the enemy ranks', 'Diagonals and bishops', 'Raiding knights ', and 'Combined operations'. At the start of each section there are a few pages of general instructions telling you all you need to know before tackling the tests that follow.

Read  the book (166 pages)