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Is Your Move Safe ? 

Dan Heisman (2016)

Another reason weaker players often do not find that a move is safe is that they depend too
much on their pattern recognition, especially defensively, when determining if their own
candidate is safe. From this aspect, the three ways one can determine whether a move is safe
Purely pattern recognition – this almost exclusively occurs in the early opening or late
endgame when the exact pattern studied appears on the board,
A mixture of pattern recognition and analysis - this is the most common case. A position
might have elements closely or loosely resembling those that were studied before.
Once recognition is made, careful analysis is required to determine, “Is the answer to
this move’s safety the same as the similar position that I studied previously?”
Pure analysis – there is no similar pattern studied previously, or at least none that is
triggered by examining the current position. In this case, careful analysis is required to
determine if the move is safe. You can’t assume a move is safe just because you don’t
immediately recognise any danger.

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* 2 examples from the book:

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