Today's chess player can access extensive chess book, magazine and video resources to learn more about this complex game. 

Many successful tournament players and coaches over a long period of time have contributed their knowledge and tips from actual game situations for players at all levels covering a wide variety of topics.

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In the spotlight...

Grandmaster Meets Chess Amateur

Steve Davis & David Norwood (1995)

Look, I know where the pieces start off, how they move, what they're worth and the main idea behind the game, but that's not enough. Chess represents a war, and you're the General. You decide where to put your men, what strategy to employ and how to react to the changing patterns. Unless you are one of a small minority, you won't become a General on your own. You'll need someone with experience to guide you and point out the pitfalls. You'll hardly scratch the surface by yourself; I'm proof of that. Until recently I'd been pushing pieces around the board with a short-sighted view to the game. Either attacking something, or just reacting to a move by my opponent, I honestly had no real idea what I was doing. Basically I didn't understand chess - Steve Davis

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