Today's chess player can access extensive chess book, magazine and video resources to learn more about this complex game. 

Many successful tournament players and coaches over a long period of time have contributed their knowledge and tips from actual game situations for players at all levels covering a wide variety of topics.

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Power Mates

Bruce Pandolfini (1996)

I wished to focus on students who already play chess and want to sharpen their game. They require a more advanced approach than rank beginners.

What do these students need to learn? They've absorbed the moves and rules, the object of the game, a few basics, and one or two simple openings. Now they're on their way, ready to travel the bumpy road to checkmate, along all its divergent paths-not just the mating positions, but many of the standard ways they're brought about.

In order to understand the winning process, it's better to meet up with typical attacks and patterns in actual chess games, where mate is the natural outcome of logical play. Among the various types of games one can study, I prefer the short, modern kind. They're easier to follow, tactically aggressive, and freshly appealing.

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