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The Complete Chess Workout 1

Richard Palliser (2007)

One cannot, of course, blindly attack in every game: the right conditions to attack must
be present, such as a chip in the opposition king's pawn wall or the ability to quickly transfer
many of one's pieces to the attacking zone. Many of the puzzles in this work deal with
attacking scenarios and should help the reader to further appreciate just when and why an
attack is likely to work.
What, though, of the many games in which we don't get to attack? In these tactical play
is no less likely to occur and it's important to always be alert to tactical opportunities. One
very handy way of not letting these pass by is to keep in mind John Nunn's very useful
mnemonic: LPDO ('loose pieces drop off'). Indeed, it's very noticeable just how many tactics
are to do with a piece being undefended or poorly defended.

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