... which move ?

10. Nov, 2017

... there's often more to it than meets the eye !

Black has just moved pawn to c5 threatening White's queen

Which is the better move for White ?  (a) Qd5  or  (b) Qe5+

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28. Oct, 2017

... to win material by forking the enemy king & an undefended piece

Hint: White needs to capture a piece before checking the king



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1. Oct, 2017

In this position Black has played 37...Bxc3 capturing a pawn

Cool  Which winning move did White now play ?

(a) Rc1   or   (b) Rd8+   or   (c) Be6


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23. Sep, 2017

... of the disguised or less obvious attack

White has moved pawn to h3 attacking Black's bishop - but Black has something up his sleeve.

Whistle  What is it ?


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14. Sep, 2017

In this recently completed game on ChessWorld I was faced with this position after Black's 39th move - 39...Ka7 protecting his pawn on b6 in response to 39 Qc6

In evaluating the position I noted the following:

- open e-file
- Black's rooks undefended
- Black's queen cut off from the king
- White's advanced passed pawn on d6

I decided it was time to expose the king with a rook sacrifice - 40.Rxc5

From this a series of 8 checks followed to drive the king to the other side of the board & bring the rook on h1 across to control the e-file


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