4. Jul, 2019

A smart finish from the Finnish player Big Grin

Black (to play) would like to exchange queens and go into the endgame with a pawn majority.

Whistle  How does he achieve this ?

Play  the game
- click on White's 28th move for the position

Thumbs up ChessWorld - Tournaments
for some annotated Thylacine 3 games

2. Jul, 2019

... from a player living in this country  

 ... a country which has an amazing number of lakes

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30. Jun, 2019

White checkmates in 3



Wild Video - impressive blitz endgame by Magnus Carlsen

27. Jun, 2019

Find the best move for White




Thumbs up Video tutorial - trapping a chess piece (3:19 min)

25. Jun, 2019

What is the most efficient way for Black to end the game ?

Play  the game
-click on White's 14th move for the position

ChessWorld - Egypt

* 2 videos + games