20. Nov, 2021

Bill Hook

Bill Hook (1925-2010) spent World War II in a tuberculosis ward. He became involved in the chess and art worlds of New York City in the 1950s. In 1957, Bill married his wife, Mimi, and built a house in the British Virgin Islands. It was in the islands that Hook formed a chess Olympiad team in 1968 to compete in picturesque Lugano, Switzerland. Hook played in 17 Olympiads over a 40-year period, winning the gold medal for best percentage on Board #1 at Malta in 1980. His memoir Hooked on Chess was published in 2008 by New In Chess.

Diagram – in this delightful miniature from the 1968 Olympiad, Bill Hook (playing Black) puts increased pressure on White's castled position. How ?

😎 Video - Lugano, Switzerland in 4K (2:00 min)