15. Mar, 2021


... is a great teacher, especially when it's stalemate !

If you’re on the offensive side of a potential stalemate, you can do a few things to make sure your opponent doesn’t rob you of your glory.

1. Visualise the squares your pieces are covering—even your inactive pieces—otherwise you might put him in stalemate without realising it.

2. Check the King every time. If you constantly put him in check, he can’t be stalemated.

3. Give him a way out. Check that he has an available square to move to before you move. If he has a place to move, he’s not going to be stalemated.

4. Don’t kill the (whole) kingdom. In the end of the game, you might feel compelled to take all his other pieces before you checkmate him. Don’t! Leave one non-threatening piece alive. If there’s a piece he can move, he can’t be stalemated.

Of course, stalemate is largely in the hands of the aggressor. You will have to fight for it. But if you’re trying to get stalemated and he’s not even thinking about it, you have a major advantage.

Diagram - White to play. Quickest way to checkmate ? But what went wrong ?