6. Feb, 2021

Dice chess

Dice chess has several variations. The game can be a lot of fun to play as it introduces an element of chance. Here is one game played using 3 chess dice downloaded from Google Play

Each player has three dice. Each face of each dice is marked with the figures of the six pieces. A player throws all three dice; he or she may then move any one piece, as long as it appears on any one of the dice. A player MUST move a piece in a turn, unless no piece of the type showing on the dice is in play. If a player cannot move, he or she forfeits the move. If all 3 dice come up with the same piece showing  then any legal move can be played.

All normal moves and rules of chess apply: to castle, a player must show both king and rook on the dice.

If a player is in check, the check must be addressed, if possible. Throw the dice: if no piece move which would allow the check to be broken is available on the dice, then the King MUST move and the dice are ignored. If a king move is not legally available and the dice have given the player no piece move to prevent the check, then this is QUICKMATE: quickmate is NOT a draw.

😎 Video - Magnus plays dice chess (6:51)