6. Oct, 2020

Who is NN ?

Here are 3 treasured items of mine: a chess table made by a carpenter attached to a school I was teaching at, a very interesting book on the history of chess and a cap I purchased online - a Chessologist studies anything & everything to do with our great game.

Here's a quirky subject: who is NN ? The abbreviation "NN" is used to signify an unknown player, usually an amateur - an abbreviation of the Latin nomen nescio which means 'I do not know the name.' Chessgames.com uses "NN" to fill in spots in the database where a player's identity is completely unknown, and also for games on internet chess servers where people often play anonymously.

👍 NN gets a gong in this Chess.com article

😎 Video - an entertaining game v NN (1:57)