12. Jun, 2020

How did chess save John Healy ?

The son of Irish immigrants, John Healy lived rough on the violent streets of London for fifteen years, drinking heavily and turning to crime to survive. During one stint in prison he was taught the basics of chess by his cellmate. This became his new addiction as alcohol was left behind. He became a rated player who had an incredible ability of taking on and defeating multiple opponents at the same time. He wrote a best-selling book – The Grass Arena. The film Barbaric Genius was the first to tell the story of a man whose journey has dragged him down to the greatest depths imaginable. A man whose strength of will enabled him to escape the fate his poverty and his class had prepared for him.

😎 Which move did Healy (playing Black) make to close off the game in 4 moves ?

 👍 Video: Barbaric Genius - film trailer (1:21 min)

👍 Chess book: Coffee House Chess Tactics - John Healy