31. May, 2020

Benko Gambit

Many chess openings are named after the players who popularised them in their games.

Pal Benko was born in France, raised in Hungary, and moved to the United States in 1957. He made his name as a chess master, puzzle composer and author. He was the winner or joint winner of the US Open chess championship eight times. As for the Benko Gambit, 3. …b5 offers up a pawn with the promise of breaking up White’s pawn center. In Eastern Europe, it had long been known as the “Volga Gambit”. Benko used the move in top level play and promoted it through a book he published in 1974, self-titling it The Benko Gambit.

In this recent game Black has used the gambit successfully. The position shows the stage when White resigned. How did Black achieve this favourable endgame ?

👍 Video - explores the Benko Gambit (7:11 min)