13. May, 2020

World Blitz Championship 2019

The 2019 King Salman FIDE World Blitz Championship was a 21-round Swiss open (for players rated >2550) held in Moscow, Russia, 29-30 December, with the participation of 159 GMs, including defending champion Magnus Carlsen. The prize fund was $350,000, with $60,000 to the winner. Time control: 3 minutes per player for all moves, with 2 seconds added per move from move one. No players with baseball caps, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sneakers or inappropriate dress were allowed in the playing area.

Magnus Carlsen took his 5th title (and 3rd in a row) with 16.5/21 and then 1.5/2 vs Nakamura in the tiebreaker.

In this position Magnus (playing Black) sees a way to attack White's pawn chain & so advance his kingside pawns.

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