9. Dec, 2019

Sam Loyd - Puzzle Master

Sam Loyd (1841 - 1911) began civil engineering studies but these were soon abandoned for the great game of chess, in which he excelled. He was successful against some of the best players in the country and, at one time, was ranked 15th in the world. His first chess problem was published by the New York Saturday Courier when he was only fourteen and during the next five years his chess puzzles made him well known throughout the chess world.

👍 Video - Zupide v Loyd 1867

* The diagram puzzle was one of Loyd's early checkmate compositions - White to mate in 3

After accomplishing so much in the world of chess, Loyd, began to take a greater interest in mathematical puzzles and advertising give-aways. He saw this as a natural progression from chess puzzles and, to this day, his creativity and originality are unsurpassed.