24. Oct, 2019

Pawn structure

The pawn structure of a given chess position is what the position would look like if you removed all pieces from the board and just kept the pawns. The value of the pawns increases the more pieces are traded off, and the closer to the endgame you get.

In this position both players have equal material with a seemingly healthy pawn structure. But at game's end the pawn count is White 5, Black 2. Interestingly, White's four pawns on a3, b3, c4 & d3 are still in the same position 25 moves later

🤔 So, what happened to Black's pawns in the interim ? 

Play  the game (World Youth Chship U16 Open)
- click on Black's 34th move for the position

* Video - Destroying the pawn structure (4:56 min)