16. Jul, 2018

Black has just played 31...Ne8 in his attempt to defend the king's castled position.

Whistle What is White's way forward ?

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11. Jul, 2018

In my early days of playing chess I came across this famous attacking game between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritsky played in 1851.

The opening played is the King's Gambit.

Wild Why has it been labelled immortal ? 

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Whistle Now try and solve some of these puzzles from Anderssen's games





position is after Black played 17...Qxb2

5. Jul, 2018

In this position Black has claimed the open c-file with the rook.

Open files are files free of pawns. They serve as important routes for heavy pieces, especially for rooks that can use them to burst into the enemy’s camp.

Capturing an open file is one of the ways of obtaining an advantage.

Thumbs up See how an open file is exploited in this miniature

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27. Jun, 2018

White proves you can attack successfully without castling into safety first.

White's pieces are poised for a final assault.

Whistle  Which move is the killer move ?

Video    watch the game to see if you're right

21. Jun, 2018

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Thumbs up Video - an entertaining Magnus miniature