15. Sep, 2019

White (to move) resigned

πŸ€” Why ... and what move could he have made ?


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Game 2 - why does Black lose so much material ?

14. Sep, 2019

... from this African country

There are many chess gems to discover as well ...

White coordinates his pieces to attack the king in this tournament game played in Cape Town

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12. Sep, 2019

Black's pieces are poised to close in on White's king

Which move would you play as Black ?

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-click on White's 33rd move for the position

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- video 3 Romania - drone footage & a trip to Dracula's castle

10. Sep, 2019

Find the best move for Black




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8. Sep, 2019

... in this picturesque European country

A country which boasts many strong chess players

* A well-played ending in this blitz game - Women's Blitz (Bucharest 2018)

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ChessWorld - country profile, photos & 2 videos