25. May, 2022

In chess it is not always the goal to try for a win. Many times it is important to try and play for a draw in a game. There are too many players that only play to win or lose but the beauty of chess is knowing when to focus your energy from your normal thinking to taking a game that is hopelessly lost and turn it into a draw...  read on

😎 Video - Playing for a draw (6:29)

My last two tournament games against chuck55 ended in draws which worked in my favour in the final result

     Game 1     Game 2      Tournament #9


21. May, 2022

Nino Batsiashvili is a Georgian grandmaster and three-time national champion. After taking her first Georgian Women’s Chess Championship in 2013, she won the same event two years later in 2015. Her third national championship came in 2018, the same year she became a GM.

Diagram - why does White play 27 Nd5 and does this help ?   

* A fine attacking game in this year's Battle of the Sexes

19. May, 2022

👍 Diagram: White capitalises on his kingside attack

👍 Chess.com - Classic combinations

15. May, 2022

Black to play - should he grab the pawn about to promote before White brings the rook down to defend ? 

    * What decision did he make ?

👍 Try this endgame position

👍 Chess.com - Daily Puzzle

12. May, 2022

A passed pawn can't be stopped by pawns so it's the one most likely to queen. You can't queen a passed pawn if you never push it. It all depends on calculation of course. Like all simple chess rules it's usually true but not always. If you can queen it push that pawn. If your opponent can take it then you have to wait… www.quora.com

In my current online 4-player tourney several games have been dominated by passed pawns which have put pressure on the opponent.

Diagram - White to play      View other passed pawn games

😎 Video - a passed pawn can bring you victory ... (3:19)