26. Oct, 2020

... strategy, art and ???

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In the diagram: White to play

     Best move ? - game #2


24. Oct, 2020

The objective of the Queen’s Gambit is to temporarily sacrifice a pawn to gain control of the e5 square. This is one of the most popular openings because of its attacking prowess. White will be attacking and it will be up to Black to defend correctly. Black usually declines the gambit.

In the diagram - Black is ahead 2 pawns & challenges White to exchange queens. 

          A good move for White ?

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22. Oct, 2020

Chess is not simply a linear game of addition and subtraction; there are other laws that govern the royal game beyond a mere pawn and piece count. To understand a chess position properly, we should not just count pieces at their face value, but also take into consideration qualitative factors such as king safety, mobility of the pieces, existence of important outposts and pawn weaknesses, initiative, etc - Davorin Kuljasevic, Beyond Material (2019)

In this position White has moved knight to a3 attacking the bishop.

    Best reply ?

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20. Oct, 2020

White is poised to break open Black's defence. What's her best move ?

😎 Video - 13 yr old girl's race against the clock (8:55)

When ahead in material it's usually good practice to force the exchange

18. Oct, 2020

“Off... leave the game in my hands. If I'm going to lose I wanna lose without special help. What you are saying is crap... castle, castle, castle in chess is important... see that guy won without even castling !” - Deyth Banger, author of 'How to Talk to Anyone'

* In the diagram: White to play - is Rb4 safe ?  View

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