3. Apr, 2020

Magazines are generally published on a regular schedule and contain a variety of content. Magazines are meant to be read, but they're also a visual experience. You might not notice all of the work that goes into creating a magazine layout that looks fantastic, but you definitely notice if it's been done poorly. Magazines can appeal to a general audience but many are targeted to a specialised audience. I recently downloaded a copy of a magazine produced in Memphis, Tennesee (USA) which I found intriguing:

'Chess Advocate, a full-colour digital magazine devoted to chess - but a magazine unlike any other. This brain-child of Mississippi resident Dwight Weaver combines old school drawings and pop-art with today's electronic publishing technology, to create a unique feel and texture'www.chess  central.com

👍 Take 3 - problems from the Chess Knockout page

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1. Apr, 2020

Some games end prematurely in the opening phase.
In this position Black has forked White's bishop and knight with 7... d5
But what is the potential danger for Black ?

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Other games can end prematurely as the result of a clever attacking combination:

🤪 Video - a captivating miniature (4:04 min)

30. Mar, 2020

Find the best move for Black

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👍 Tournament - Ballarat Victoria 2020

28. Mar, 2020

A weakness is not weakness until you can exploit it. As always, the game remains a balance of attacking and defending. A weakness is simply a flaw in a position that we can exploit. As a result your opponent usually has to create some other weakness.
Spend time examining game play and try to find weaknesses that you can use to your advantage. Completed games on ChessWorld.net are available for players to access and analyse for strengths and weaknesses.

Diagram position is after Black's 12... dxe4 Doubled pawns don't necessarily create a weakness in the position but tripled pawns certainly will.      Play the game

Another ChessWorld game I came across where I was impressed with how White exploited the weakness of Black's two undefended rooks.


26. Mar, 2020

Usually we try to beat our opponents when we play a game of chess, but in Helpmate problems we actually try to help them achieve mate.

In this position Black moves first to help White checkmate in the next move.   Solution

Then there are Double Whammy problems where White makes 2 moves in a row to checkmate the black king - the first move may not be a check

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And of course we dream of making a classic queen sacrifice

👍 Video - Game of the Day (3:22 min)