17. Nov, 2018

My recent visit to the Great Barrier Reef & watching swimmers snorkelling on the reef made me wonder about playing chess underwater.

Wild  Surely not a serious sport ?

But of course if anything is possible...

Diving Chess Championships

10 years ago in Curacao




14. Nov, 2018

Black has a back rank weakness.

Whistle  How does White take advantage of it ?

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28. Oct, 2018

Both players have a potential back rank weakness as neither king has an escape square. 

Alexander Alekhine (playing White) sees a way of exploiting this.  

Whistle  How ?

Play  the miniature game (17 moves) to find out

Video  how to exploit back rank weakness

Video  another Alekhine brilliancy

Wild  Chess books365 Chess Master Lessons - instructive short games

25. Oct, 2018

Many winning combinations are based on pins.  A piece pinned when it is attacked cannot move without a more valuable piece behind it being captured. 

Of course, if the king is behind the piece that is pinned then that piece cannot move.

In the diagram both sides can take advantage of deadly pins. 

Cool Can you see how White can win material ?     View

Cool Can you see how Black can checkmate ?      View


Whistle  Three more to have a go at:

Puzzle 1      Solution          

Puzzle 2      Solution          

Puzzle 3      Solution

18. Oct, 2018

Jonathan Lappage v Lawrence Trent (2001)

Position after White's 38 Kg2

Black has two advanced pawns. How does he queen one of the pawns ?

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Cool  ChampionsLawrence Trent
                                 - includes one of his blitz commentaries