20. Sep, 2018

... for White ?        Solution

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From Winning Chess Exercises for Kids:

They say " Practice makes perfect,"
but that's only true when it is good
practice. So stay focused and play
seriously. Quick and sloppy games
will not help you improve. Consistent
accurate play is what to aim for.
It's best to practise with stronger
players or against someone just as
good as you. Nobody gets better by
beating up on easy opponents. They
let you get away with inferior moves.
You want a player who will see your
errors and force you to be sharp.

15. Sep, 2018

White has a decided plus in mobility especially in the two open files.

His rook is under attack from the black king.

He cannot protect it. Does he move it or is there a better option ?

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6. Sep, 2018

... a double attack

A double attack poses two threats at once. The defending side is not able to respond to both threats simultaneously. The knight fork is perhaps the most common type of double attack.

The queen's mobility makes it a powerful weapon for creating double attacks.

In this position White sets up a double attack which prompted Black to resign.  How ?

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Whistle When there is a double check the opponent's king must move.

White uses a double check to force checkmate in this entertaining game

31. Aug, 2018

... that White saw ?

White to move          Hint        Solution

Enjoy a good king hunt ? 

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22. Aug, 2018

Jolly Nepando v Galina Melnik
    - Olympiad (Women) 2016

When considering a tactics puzzle I often wonder how the position has been reached.

After thinking through the puzzle play through the game to see how the players reached the position & how the game ended.

White has just played 31 Ra1

Whistle  What is Black's best move in reply ?

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