19. Feb, 2020

Find the best move for White

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* Play the game

🙂 Tournament: Bhopal International, India 2018

17. Feb, 2020

Black to play & checkmate in 2

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How quickly can you solve these checkmate in 1 puzzles ?

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Karl Fabel was a German chess composer. Fabel received a doctorate in chemistry and worked as a mathematician and civil judge at the federal office of brands and patents in Munich, of which he was also president. He is considered one of the most ingenious chess composerscomposed around 1250 problems of all varieties.

👍 This is one of his most famous puzzles - solution in the next post


15. Feb, 2020

A friend of mine once played an outdoor game in a public park with a fellow chess mate. Onlookers were especially intrigued with White’s attacking game. What many didn’t realise was that both players had memorised one of the most amazing sacrificial games ever played – the Immortal Game of 1851 with White checkmating on the 23rd move. The two pranksters could only smile to themselves when they finished, shook hands and walked away to appreciative applause.

👍 Video - the Immortal Game (7:40 min)
- interesting what Mato Jelic says at the beginning about white & black pieces

👍 Video - a blitz game in the park (excerpt - 0:36 min)

* Adolf Andersen - find the moves:

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13. Feb, 2020

Chesthetica is a computer program that generates chess problems.

👍 Video - Chesthetica composing problems (1:44 min)

👍 Video - a computer-generated problem (2:00 min)

... and many more to explore on You Tube

11. Feb, 2020

Your pieces are stronger when they stand on open lines.

White has a lead in development but the lines of his queen, rooks and bishop are blocked either by his own d-pawn or Black's e6-pawn.

Lines become open when pawns are exchanged, so ... White plays d5

Open lines lead to mate. White's rooks power down the centre while the bishop supports at long range.

👍 White wins a rook:      Position       Solution

* Three more:      Positions      Hints      Solutions

🙂 Video: Attacking miniature game (3:13 min)