15. May, 2018

... for White

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Video   a chess miniature

Wild See how White breaks into the black king's stronghold

7. May, 2018

Black to play can capture White's rook on b6

Beginning players often play moves like this without considering what else their opponent might be planning.




29. Apr, 2018

Study the position:

- White's pawns offer little protection for the king

- Black's rook controls the f-file

- Black is set to launch a discovered attack on White's king
        which is on the same diagonal

White to move played 21 0-0-0  (castle queenside)

Cool Black then forced checkmate. How ?

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22. Apr, 2018

Black to move after 22 Be3

Black has a potential pin on the white queen which is on the same diagonal as the king.

Cool What is Black's best move to try and bring this about ?


Play  the game to find out what happened


14. Apr, 2018

Whistle What is the shortest number of moves for White to win the game ?

Also, in this game Black undervalues her pawns & pays the price.

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If you find yourself ahead a pawn or two look for opportunities to swap pieces ... this opportunity will appear more often than one might imagine because beginning players usually undervalue the potential of pawns.
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