15. Aug, 2020

Edward Winter (born 1955) is an English chess journalist, historian, collector and author. He wrote a regular column on chess history, Chess Notes, which has been highly regarded by scholars and players.

This position is taken from his book Kings, Commoners and Knaves - Further Chess Explorations (1996)

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😎 Video - an Edward Winter miniature (2:39 min)

13. Aug, 2020

During the week I picked up a second hand copy of Queen of Katwe which recounts the chess journey of Phiona Mutesi, women's champion from Uganda

From the Prologue - She wins the decisive game but she has no idea what it means. Nobody has told her what’s at stake so she just plays, like she always does. She has no idea she has qualified to compete at the (2010) Olympiad. No idea what the Olympiad is… none of her teammates really have any idea where she is from or where she aspires to go, because Phiona Mutesi is from someplace where girls like her don’t talk about that...

* More background & Disney film trailer

👍 Video - Chess Olympiad 2014 (4:51 min)


11. Aug, 2020

A chess game is like a movie: if you begin in the middle of it you have to make some effort to get into it. So when you examine a position you should begin in exactly the same way. First you take a ‘global’ look to get some general information and then you will progressively focus more deeply. What impression does it give you ? Once you begin to get involved with calculation you will not be able to retrieve this fresh look anymore – which some people call ‘intuition’.
- Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna – Emmanuel Neiman 2012

* 9 positions to have a go at - White to move
Look at checks, captures, tactical threats. One position requires defending.

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9. Aug, 2020

Ian Rogers OAM (born 24 June 1960) is an Australian chess player, trainer and writer. He was awarded the title Grandmaster by FIDE in 1985. Rogers is the first Australian-raised chess grandmaster. Before turning professional, Rogers completed a BSc (Meteorology) from the University of Melbourne. Rogers retired from competitive chess on medical advice in 2007. Rogers has reported on many tournaments for various media outlets, with photographic assistance from wife Cathy Rogers. He was a panelist for BBC television during their 1993 World Championship coverage.

* A fine attacking game played in 1978      * Interview

7. Aug, 2020

Black is a piece up and feeling confident. However, White has the move and the upper hand.

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👍 Chess book - 35 most important principles of chess