• Develop attacking and defensive skills in the opening, middlegame & endgame.
    Learn chess notation to help you play through games.
    Preparing for tournament games.

  • Visit the chess blog 'Over the board' for chess problems and analysis of games & positions.

  • Test your chess skills by solving checkmate, tactical & combination puzzles.

Companion website

Junior chess

Features include:  
- Junior games from Australia & overseas
- Over the board – chess blog featuring positions from games
- Tactics training through a variety of puzzles 
- Tips for attacking & defensive play, mistakes to avoid etc
- Videos – developing skills & preparation for tournaments

The website is continuing to build and is designed to complement this site (www.thylacine3.com) which will continue to focus on players increasing their understanding of the technical aspects of the game as well as being able to work with chess notation.

Can you handle the pressure ?